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10 Healthy Tips To Get Your Kids Ready For Back-To-School

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Can you believe that school has already started? It feels like they just started summer vacation! I am the oldest of 4 girls and I remember that my mom’s favorite commercial was for an office supply store. It had a mom dancing down an isle happily throwing school supplies into her cart to the song “It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year”! Last year I sent my first son to school. It was crazy all the stuff I needed to do to get him ready.

Here are my 10 healthy tips to get your kids ready for back-to-school.

1. Immunizations – I know that there is a lot of controversy about immunizations, but I feel they are safe. I had to take my son to get him caught up on all his shots.

2. Physical – It is important to have a physical. Our school required it. It’s good to have a check up every year to make sure your kids is hitting all his milestones. If your child is going to play a sport, they will also need a physical in order to play.

3. Dental Check-up – The start of a school year is a great reminder to me to schedule a check-up. I want to make sure there are no dental problems before he starts classes. It’s also good to have sometime before school starts in case your child needs to return for any dental procedures. That way he doesn’t miss any classes.

4. Try out new foods – I learned that my son would love red pepper in his lunch. He’s only 6! I want to pack his lunch with healthy foods, but I want to make sure he likes the stuff I give him. I would hate for him to not eat his lunch!

5. Sleep – Even though they dont have to get up early, they should still keep a fairly regular sleep schedule. It will help them to stay healthy and it will assure that they are getting enough sleep when school starts.

6. Keeping Clean – I like to encourage my kids to wash their hands often. I hope that when I am not with them, they will still remember to wash their hands.

7. Encourage Healthy Habits – Remind your kids when they sneeze they should cover their mouths.

8. Drinks – Encourage your kids to drink plenty of water. My kids love water and ask me to pack it in their lunch!

9. Exercise – I know that my son likes his PE class. I think it is important to keep your kids active during summer vacation.

10. Eye exam – Again, these appointments that are once a year, I like to schedule a few weeks before school starts.

Did you know….An average of one in four children has an undetected vision problem, which can interfere with their ability to read and learn. Proper eyecare and eyewear are critical to performance inside the classroom and in everyday life. Undiagnosed vision problems are one of the major causes of learning difficulties in school-age children, because during their first 12 years, visual learning accounts for 80 percent of the learning process.

When vision problems are undetected, children often have trouble reading or completing their schoolwork. They may exhibit a lack of attention or appear to be fidgety during the school day, which can potentially be misdiagnosed as a learning disability. To learn more about protecting the health and wellness of children’s eyes and to locate an eye doctor near you, visit Since 80 percent of what a child learns is through vision, it’s never too early to begin getting regular, comprehensive eye examinations by an eye doctor. Studies show that 50 percent of vision loss can be prevented with an eye exam.

I had to wear glasses when I was little. I am glad my parent took me to get glasses. I know I learned a lot more because I was able to see better!

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