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How I Paid $92 For My iPad 3 (Using FREE Amazon Gift Cards)

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**Update – some of these companies aren’t around anymore but some of my favorites to join are Opinion Outpost, Nielsen Home Scan Panel, MySurvey, and Pinecone Research. Pinecone Research is really an awesome company but you have to be between the ages of 18-24 to sign up.

Ok – before you stop reading and think this is a scam – I promise it is NOT a scam. I earned a lot of free Amazon gift cards with surveys and Swagbucks. I wanted to get this for free but I wanted to have it for a family trip and for home school. I also won a $50 prepaid Visa – so I applied that to my purchase. I did purchase discounted gift cards with referral credits – but everything else I was able to do by myself. So this is something anyone can do!

I really was going to wait longer so I could use all “free money”. But I was inpatient. I think if I would have waited a few more weeks I would have been able to get it for free.

*Tip – Create an alternate email address so you can just check it once a day for your survey opportunities.

Here’s where I will earn my free gift cards

  • Swagbucks –  ($20) this is the easiest way I can earn them.  (I have redeemed $375 in Amazon gift cards from Swagbucks over the past couple of years.)
  • SurveyHead – ($75) – Easy high paying surveys
  • TellWut – ($20) This is a new company. You answer quick surveys and get 10 points. (Really quick – like 2-4 questions.) You then cash out your points for Amazon GC.
  • Viggle – ($50) When you are watching TV you “check in” and they give you points. They have many options to cash out your points but I am waiting for Amazon GC.  They are offering a ton of points of you are watching the Olympics!
  • Opinion Outpost – You can instantly cash out for $5 Amazon gift cards. With only 50 points you get a $5 GC and most surveys are between 30-100 points.
  • GSB Behavior Lab – ($60) This is an online survey from Sanford Business School. You take surveys and some pay between $2-$5 in Amazon GC. Some surveys enter you in drawings for larger GC. Today I took a survey for them that paid me $20 in Amazon GC!
  • MyPoints – ($25) Open emails from them and earn points to trade for Amazon GC.
  • Dalily Deal Sites –  Living Social ($10 – paid $5) and Groupon ($40 – free with credits) and Amazon Local ($20 – paid $10).

Here’s how the purchase looked:

  • Total – $474.87
  • Shipping – Free Super Saver Shipping
  • Gift Cards – $330
  • Discover Card rewards – $2.79
  • Balance due – $142.08  (I also used a $50 pre paid Visa – so the real balance was $92.08.)

I did by a refurbished iPad 3 from Amazon. It even came with a 10 month warranty from Apple. The price has gone down to $465 for the same product since I bought it.  You could get a refurbished iPad 2 for $365.

I was also able to get an iPad case for just $1.56 on Ebay. I got a FREE $5 Ebay gift card from Recycle Bank.

You could earn these free gift cards and use them to pay for Christmas shopping. So what do you think? Is this something you could do?

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Tuesday 26th of April 2022

I have done surveys before and they can be so very long to fill out and then I find the time involved is to much. Have you found this to be true as well? What is the average amount of time you spend on your surveys? Thank you for sharing this list of companies!


Monday 9th of May 2022

HI! Yes - some companies are not very good. And it's harder now to make money on surveys. I have joined several market research companies and they dont wastes as much of your time and they pay very well!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.