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Effects Of Aging


The global society grows older. Something that was thought unthinkable some hundred years ago, today is a reality. Breakthroughs in medicine and solidarity between the countries, made it possible for many individuals to reach a really old age. Now, as many people might say, age and aging are things of individual perception. The person can feel young even if he or she is old. No matter how you put it, the facts remain the same. Our body has certain shelf life. Not even the most advanced equipment can allow us to go above that.


Let us start with the most important organ in our body, the brain. This part of the body is regulating all the other processes within our organism. It sends impulses all over our system enabling us to do certain actions. Some researches claim that the function of neurons (brain cells) start declining at age of twenty, sometimes at thirty. The most visible issue is the memory loss. This leads to many diseases such as the Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Gehrig’s disease or mild cognitive impairment. When it comes to intellect, it usually remains intact during our life time. There are many medicines which are available in your local online pharmacy that can assist you with the memory loss. Unfortunately, given the sensitivity of neurons and the fact that these cells don’t regenerate, the medicines impact can’t be confirmed. Furthermore, people should be careful when they acquire these products from their online pharmacy.

As we grow older, so do our senses reduce their function. Loss of hearing and vision are among the most usual ones. Both of these two conditions are closely related to stress, high blood pressure and diabetes. Sometimes, bad and improper use of mediation can lead to it. These conditions can certainly be due to bad genetic. There are many people that lose their eyesight at rather young age. These conditions can sometimes be caused by loud music or too much of exposure to computer and other electronic devices. Luckily, both conditions can be easily fixed though use of glasses and hearing devices.

Another important process that is affecting humans is fertility. Although it is directly connected with female fertility, men are also heavily influenced as it affects the planning of family. Like all before mentioned processes, the fertility is based on age. Girls in their twenties are highly fertile. As the time goes by, so does the chance for pregnancy with it. This is usually referred as “biological clock”. Women lose their ability to bear children when they reach menopause in their forties or fifties. Sometimes, it might even happen before that. There were numerous researches that corroborate this claim. The best way to prevent this is to plan family. It is always a better choice to start a family at rather young age, or to preserve the female eggs for later use.

When a person reaches old age, he or she usually has many issues with bones. As we grow older, the bone density reduces. This often leads to many fractures. Elderly people are highly susceptible to this and even the smallest falls can lead to fractures which can’t regenerate. Osteoporosis is the disease that is connected to this condition. It is recommended that people start using calcium and vitamin D supplements in their diet after certain age in order to prevent this condition. These supplements are easily obtainable at Reduction of alcohol and cigarettes use, as well as exercise, can help with the problem.


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.