CleanMist Bathroom Tissue Spray

by Janell on July 12, 2015

I received a bottle of CleanMist Bathroom Tissue Spray. All opinions are my own. #SummerGuide

CleanMist is the alternative to wipes that won't clog the pipes! #SummerGuide

I have 3 kids. My youngest is almost 5 years old. So you would think that we would be done with wipes in our house. Well, we are not. My kids always have to have wipes in the bathroom with them. It’s even worse when we are out and they need to go to the bathroom. I do not have room in my purse to carry around wipes just in case.

Besides the extra expense to buy wipes and the need to carry them around just in case one of my kids need them, wipes are not good for the plumbing. I don’t think it matters if the wipes say they are septic safe because I have heard about people that have had to pay hundred of dollars to clean out the pipes because of wipes.

CleanMist is the best alternative to wipes. You use it with your regular toilet paper. I can keep it in the bathroom and it’s small enough to keep in my purse. It’s a mini spray bottle that cleanses and refreshes.

CleanMist is made from plants, not a lab. They use gentle cleansers like water, soap bark (made from the quillaja saponaria tree), and decyl glucoside (made from non-GMO coconut and palm). Calendula flower extract moisturizes, while their scented version will delight your senses with a fragrant essential oil blend. Their preservative system contains ingredients accepted by Ecocert, the first certification body to develop standards for natural and organic cosmetics.

Finally there is an alternative to wipes that won’t clog the pipes!

CleanMist is the alternative to wipes that won't clog the pipes! #SummerGuide

They have unscented and Lavender scented in a 2 oz bottle and 8ml spray. A 2 ounce bottle contains more than 450 sprays – enough for more than 100 uses! The fine mist spray ensures that bathroom tissue stays intact.

You can also purchase a cute holder for the spray so it’s always handy.

CleanMist is the alternative to wipes that won't clog the pipes! #SummerGuide

This is an affordable alternatives to wipes. Plus it’s better for your plumbing. Head over to and purchase a bottle!

Have you ever had a clog caused by wipes?

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