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Snack Anytime With Emerald Nuts

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This post is brought to you by Emerald® Nuts. All opinions are my own. 

Snack Anytime With Emerald Nuts #EmeraldNuts

Do you spend the first few weeks of the school year a little crazy? This is the first year my kids have been in public school so getting up at 6am has been difficult. Plus I added a part time job to the mix and baseball. Most days I grab small meals to get me through the day. So I need snacks that are portable, delicious, and filling!

Lately I have been purchasing Emerald® Nuts in the green container. Cashews  are my favorite snacks and Emerald Nuts has a great selection of nutty snacks for me to enjoy on the go. They have the perfect container for you to take with you to snack anytime.

Snack Anytime With Emerald Nuts #EmeraldNuts

Emerald Nuts are available a few different varieties:

  • Whole Cashews
  • Deluxe Mixed Nuts
  • Peanut, Almonds, and Cashews
  • Almonds and Walnuts

Snack Anytime With Emerald Nuts #EmeraldNuts

I keep them in the bag I bring to work when I need something to get me through to lunch. They are actually very convenient because the container of Emerald Nuts fits in my cup holder of the van. Most days I drive my kids to school then head to work. Then I leave work to pick them up. If you have ever sat in line to pick up your kids you know it’s boring and can seem like an eternity. I try to enjoy the peace and quiet while I snack on Emerald Nuts and read a magazine.

Snack Anytime With Emerald Nuts #EmeraldNuts

We take these everywhere with us – baseball games and practices, fishing, playground, etc. Our whole family loves them and they are really a great way to satisfy our hunger.

Snack Anytime With Emerald Nuts #EmeraldNuts

If you have been looking for a delicious, satisfying snack your whole family will enjoy, make sure you grab a canister of you favorite Emerald Nuts to enjoy on the go!

You can only purchase the Emerald Nut canisters at Walmart. Print this coupon to save .55 cents off ONE (1) Emerald® Nut item. Make Emerald a part of your day, anytime.

Emerald wants to know how you snack and eat nuts. Take this 10 minute opt-in shopper research survey and the first 100 people that fully complete the survey will receive a $5 Walmart gift cards (U.S. citizens only, must be 18 years or older to participate).

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melissa k

Monday 5th of October 2015

I love the new handy little canisters. Perfect size to keep in the car!

Fariha N.

Saturday 19th of September 2015

I love Emerald Almonds the best. I always have nuts as a snack. I love the taste and that they are so high in protein.

Bridget A (cheekymommaof2)

Friday 18th of September 2015

My entire family LOVES Emerald Nuts and their Breakfast on the Go products! YUM!


Thursday 17th of September 2015

I love these nuts! I take them along on hikes and make them into some energy bars too, really great to have on hand!


Thursday 17th of September 2015

My husband is a huge nut fan. I haven't ever seen emerald brand before, but I will have to check them out. I love giving them to him with gifts!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.