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Online Shopping Tricks that Will Save You Loads

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.


Shopping online is convenient and my favorite way to get all I need. With easy returns and free shipping offered by most companies these days, there’s more reasons to shop online than to head into the old brick and mortar stores. (Who wants to deal with the stress of other impatient shoppers and packed parking lots?) You can find a bevy of ways to earn cash back from your online shopping expenditures, your items will come straight to your door, and best of all, you can go shopping while still wearing your jammies. Shopping online might be convenient, but is it cost effective? Using these tips, the answer is a definite yes. Before you fill up that online shopping cart, make sure you’re following these guidelines and saving yourself a fortune.

Use a Coupon Website

Websites like RetailMeNot contain all the coupon offerings you could need. Before heading out to the store of your choice or looking online, make sure you check this site or use their app to ensure you’re not missing any deals that could save you tons. Sometimes companies will have different sales in the store than online, and websites like this can alert you to which is the better deal. RetailMeNot alone has coupons for over 65,000 retailers, so it’s a pretty safe bet that your favorite store will be on the list.

Finding the Right Extension

There’s just so much technology for us to take advantage of these days. One of my favorite recent discoveries is this Honey Chrome extension that installs right on your browser. Every time you’re ready to check out on an online store, simply click the Honey button and it will automatically search the internet for any and all coupon codes that might bring your total down. It’s time saving and will help you secure deals you might not have even found otherwise.

Take Advantage of Social Media

Follow your favorite stores and companies on social media. Simply clicking “Like” can get you access to a cache of deals that you might not have seen otherwise. Brands will also publicize their best deals and sales, so you’ll have a heads up of when to head in or online for all the essentials.  

Shop Comparatively

Don’t miss out on lower prices between competing companies. There are so many sites that will help you compare prices. Some of my favorites include and You’ll be able to see comparison prices and varied products both in local stores and online to make sure you’re locating the best deal.

Avoid Dynamic Pricing

Don’t know what dynamic pricing is? It’s the method through which retailers capitalize by charging you more than other online shoppers might pay for the same item. This strategy shows consumers different prices based on location, browsing and spending patterns. This allows them insight into your spending threshold, and may see them charging you higher prices. To avoid getting captured by these nefarious retailers (and trust that everyone does this), there are a few steps you can take. Clear your website browser of cookies, log out of all of your accounts (Facebook, Google Plus, and the like), and switch to incognito mode when shopping.

Use Discount Websites

Use websites that offer items at discounted prices. Sites like offer luxury modern decor items at huge price cuts, offers high fashion designer pieces at crazy discount prices, and good old is always a safe bet to find some awesome discounted merchandise. Of course, I can’t talk about discount website without mentioning good old Groupon. You can find everything you need on daily deal sites like this, but make sure you don’t fall into the trap of buying something you don’t need just because it’s a great deal. That’s a surefire way to spend more, not save more.

Remember Price Drop Refunds

We’ve all been there—we buy an item only to find out it went on sale the next day. What you might not know is that companies will usually refund you if you contact them within the first few days following your purchase. Big online juggernauts like Amazon have 7-day guarantees, meaning if you notify them within that time period you’ll get your money back.


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.