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The Benefits Of Alkaline Water For Your Family

The Benefits Of Alkaline Water For Your Family – Thanks to Tyent for sponsoring this conversation. All opinions are my own.

The Benefits Of Alkaline Water For Your Family

As a mom, I worry about all the things my kids eat and drink. I do my best to buy things that are low in sugar, I stock my refrigerator with fruits and vegetable and encourage them to drink lots of water. But then I watched this video about using ionized water to wash my fruits and vegetables and I was really surprised to learn my fruits and veggies are not getting cleaned from all the pesticides when I am using tap water.

This video shows the gunk on the tomatoes and what we are really eating. That’s a lot of contaminants that your kids can be ingesting when they drink tap water and/or bottled water on a daily basis without a filter system. I didn’t realize a plain filter system is not enough.

It’s scary to see the news and learn about all the problems that were caused to the children in Flint, Michigan after they were drinking water that contained toxins. There are many factors that can cause tap water to be unhealthy.

However, just a few short days before the government started to shut up shop in Flint, a report was published on August 9, 2016, with the horrifying claim that the water supplied to 6 million American homes across 33 states was contaminated with excessive levels of industrial chemicals linked to cancer, hormone imbalances and other health issues.

The research, from Harvard, analyzed more than 36,000 samples, finding the highest levels of contamination, “were detected in watersheds near industrial sites, military bases, and wastewater-treatment plants.”

But what are the alternatives to tap and bottled water? Trent makes a water ionizer that produces better water and more effectively cleans your fruit and vegetables. Buying a water ionizer is a fairly major purchase for most people.  Although the cost-per-glass comes in at around a tiny 6 cents, the initial cost is significant enough for you to need a bit of reassurance that you really need this in your life.

The Benefits Of Alkaline Water For Your Family

 How Alkaline Water Can Help Your Health:

  • UV rays, smoke and pollution mean that free radicals are abundant in our bodies, and really, they are not good news. Free radicals are directly related to decay and aging.  Ionized water is charged with antioxidants which fight the free radicals and help to boost your immune system.
  • Could you use some extra energy? Aside from its super-hydrating qualities, ionized water contains an abundance of hydrogen ions which boosts the mitochondria of your cells, leaving them (and you!) energized from a cellular level.
  • If you have cause to worry about cholesterol then ionized water can possibly help. A study from China raised the exciting possibility that hydrogen-rich water may help patients to positively manage their cholesterol levels.
  • Can we talk about colons? Alkaline water can help to keep to your colon healthy, as well as making it’s job easier by filtering the water that you drink before it enters your body, thus lightening the load on this essential organ.
  • Trust the water you drink. Sadly, recent news reiterates the message that the water that comes out of our taps can sometimes actively harm our health.  Every glass of alkaline water from your Tyent ionizer is safe, clean and pure.

After reading these facts, I do think it would be very important and beneficial to use ionized water in my home for drinking and to clean my fruits and vegetables. You can own a Tyent Water ionizer for as little as $99.00 per month. 

If you are not ready to add a system to your faucet you can also purchase a pHandOrp: Stainless Steel Purifier & Alkalizer for just $129.


Removes up to 99% of:

  • VOC’s
  • Heavy Metal Contaminants
  • Pesticides
  • Semi-volatile contaminants
  • Disinfectant & Non-Metalic Contaminants
When you drink alkaline water it means less waste, incredible health benefits, more efficient hydration, and no worries about any nasties lurking in your drinking water.
Learn more about a Tyent Ionizer. Water is essential – so make sure it’s coming from a good source!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.