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Easy Pot Roast In My Ninja® Cooking System with Auto-iQ™

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I have a lot of gadgets in my kitchen. They all have different benefits and features to making meal prep a lot easier. Cooking at home and not eating out is a priority for our family – so when there is something that can help us make delicious, healthy and easy meals – I must have it!

I recently got a Ninja® Cooking System with Auto-iQ™. Right after I got it we had a party to go to after church. I had to bring something but I had about 15 minutes to throw something together. I had chorizo, processed cheese, diced tomatoes, and tortilla chips. It was the perfect time to try out my Ninja® Cooking System with Auto-iQ™.

I opened up the chorizo and let it sauté. While it was cooking I diced up the process cheese. Once the chorizo was cooked i threw in the cheese and tomatoes. I kept it in stove top mode until all the cheese was melted. This whole process from start to a delicious and easy dip was less than 10 minutes. I then unplugged the Ninja® Cooking System with Auto-iQ™ and brought it to my friends house and used it on slow cooker mode to keep the dip melted. It was a hit! No one could believe I throw this dip together in under 10 minutes.

Everyone loves pot roast and we all know that you should always sear it in hot oil before you cook it to lock in that juice and get a better meal. But no one likes to dirty another pot for dinner when you are transferring it from a searing pot to a slow cooker.

With the Ninja® Cooking System with Auto-iQ™ you dont have to! You put it on stove top mode, add some oil, sear your meat, add your ingredients and let it slow cook and make dinner for you.

The Ninja® Cooking System with Auto-iQ™ is my dream machine in the kitchen and I haven’t used all it’s functions. Next up will be their layered bowels because my family will gobble those up fast! I will be making a double batch so we have leftovers.

The Ninja® Cooking System with AutoiQ is four appliances built into one: a slow cooker; a stove top for searing and sautéing; a steamer; and an oven for baking. AutoiQ allows consumers to choose from more than 80 pre-programmed recipes – just add ingredients, select a recipe from the included cookbook, and let AutoiQ handle the rest.

Ninja® Cooking System with Auto-iQ™

  • 6-Quart Lightweight Nonstick Cooking Pot
  • Glass Lid with Handle
  • Removable Steaming/Roasting Rack
  • 80+ Auto-iQ Pre-Programmed Recipes
  • 100+ Recipe Cookbook

This cooking system is going to replace so many items in your kitchen! And you are going to be preparing so many amazing meals!

  • Auto-iQQuick Meals – As if one-pot meals weren’t convenient enough, press this button and you’ll have a meal in 30 minutes or less.
  • Auto-iQLayered Bowls – These two-step recipes use the Cooking System as a stovetop to sear proteins and build flavor before cooking to perfection.
  • Auto-iQGrains – Easily cook all sorts of grains at the touch of a button. Now you create side dishes that are the main attraction.
  • Auto-iQPoached Infusions – Use this setting to poach meat, fish, and more—like poached eggs for breakfast or shrimp cocktail for a classic appetizer.

You can also use it as a slow cooker, steamer (great for veggies), bake (it has a controlled temperature range from 250°–425°), and sear.

I have tried so many recipes for Pot Roast. They are all good but require a few extra ingredients. I always come back to this one. It’s so simple and these are ingredients I always have in my home. You can’t go wrong when you serve up a nice plateful of pot roast, carrots, mashed potatoes, and a roll.

Click here for the printable Easy Pot Roast Recipe

Easy Pot Roast Recipe

  • 1 Pot Roast (3-4 Pound chuck roast)
  • 2 cups water
  • 1 packet onion soup mix
  • 1 can of cream of mushroom soup
  • oil for searing
  • Salt to taste

Optional: Add baby carrots and quartered potatoes. (I just add the carrots but I prefer to make mashed potatoes.)


Salt both sides of your meat.

Turn your Ninja® Cooking System with Auto-iQ™ to stovetop mode and add about a tablespoon of oil.

Once it’s hot add your meat and let it sear. Flip to sear the other side.

Mix together the onion soup mix and water. Pour it over the meat. Add carrots and potatoes if you want.

Cook on high for 4-5* hours or low for 6-7* hours. *1 hour before the meal is done, add the cream of mushroom soup.

Serve and enjoy!

This is the easiest and best slow cooker pot roast recipe with gravy. It has just a few ingredients for this flavorful dinner. It will melt in your mouth.

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Sonya Allstun

Friday 4th of May 2018

This sounds yummy I been needing to fix a roast in mine will have to try this recipes

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.