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How To Save Money Each Month

Are you trying to figure out How To Save Money Each Month? Here are some easy ways you can look for ways to add money to your monthly budget.

These past few weeks I have cooked all but 3 meals for our family of 5. Our budget has been a little wacky with 3 kids eating every meal at home. My monthly food budget costs have greatly increased. 

But there are several things that have decreased too! We have 2 cars and we have only filled up our tanks 3 times in 6 weeks. We usually eat out a lot when we are on the go because it’s easy. 

It’s a great idea to re-evaluate your budget all the time and not just when your situation changes. Using a budget planning calculator can help you see where you are spending too much money and let you know where you can adjust things as needed. 

Here are some of the ways to save money on a tight budget.  I did some research so my family could save money every month!

How To Save Money Each Month

When was the last time you checked your home and auto rates? 

For a few years, we had our home insurance with our mortgage broker. I never really knew what the cost was because it was included in my monthly payment. One day I got online and checked my auto and home insurance rates and got a few quotes and I saved over $500 per year by combining my home and auto insurance and I got better coverage. 

I have a home warranty with HomeMembership. It’s not a home insurance policy but if things break in my house like my AC or water heater I can hire someone to fix it and I will pay a lot less out of pocket. 

How To Save Money Each Month

Are you a College Student? 

My husband is almost done with his doctorate. Because he is a student, he has a student email address and he has access to many ways to save money. 

Do a quick search and you will find so many discounts for college students! 

How To Save Money Each Month

Re-evaluate your need for cable. 

This can be tricky because we need the internet to stream TV shows and work at home and sometimes it’s just as affordable to bundle internet and cable together instead of just paying for the internet. 

The nice thing about streaming services is that they do not have contracts. So you can pick a new service each month to binge-watch your favorite shows. 

Check with your mobile phone provider and see if they give you any streaming services as part of your contract. For example, we have T-mobile and we get Apple TV, Netflix, and Paramount+ for free! Every little bit helps! 


Use a cashback site when shopping online. 

I love to use sites like Rakuten, TopCashBack, and when I shop online. They all have their own benefits so I hop around and shop with the one that gives me the best cashback option. 

  • Rakuten – they usually give you a free $10 gift card when you join and make a purchase. But right now they are giving you $30 cashback when you spend $30 or more. 
  • TopCashBack usually pays more than Rakuten. But they don’t always have a sign-up bonus. But when they do – it’s a great bonus. Make sure you check out this page to see the current bonus opportunity. 
  • is my favorite when I need to make a large purchase. You always get 10% cashback and sometimes they offer 20% cashback on a few stores around holidays. They also have some more perks like price protection and shipping rebates. The cost is $12.99 per month – so that’s why I prefer it when I am making a lot of purchases online. 

You can even earn cashback when you purchase your cable, internet, or cell phone plan online. Last year when I got cable and internet I got $170 cashback!

Make a meal plan! 

When you have a plan – you save more money. Make a meal plan based on the things that are on sale and digital coupons. When things you buy often are on sale, grab a few to have in your home so you don’t need to buy it when it’s full price. 

For example, every few weeks chicken will go on sale for $2.99 per pound. I usually buy 10-15 pounds so that I always get the best deal on chicken. 

Keep track of what you have in your home and you can “shop your pantry” before you go to the store. This blog post will give you several tips to save money on food and has a printable shopping list and meal planner. 

These are just a few ways to save money. What are some of your creative ways to save money each month? 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.