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Air Conditioning Tip

A friend of mine owns Manfredi Air in Florida. He just left this tip on Facebook, Don’t buy pleated 3 month filters, they do catch dust but they restrict your airflow tremendously and puts system under a lot of strain…..buy the cheap filters and change every 30 days. So now you know. Also make sure …

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Traveling With Kids

Today I will be flying home to Florida to spend Christmas with our families. I posted this over the summer but I thought it may be helpful for people traveling for Christmas. I have traveled several times with my kids, alone and with my husband, and I want to share some things I have learned …

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Random Tips

Here are some tips that may help you. They are nothing too creative but they have made my life a little easier. When my son is eating macaroni and cheese or soup I give him a plastic measuring spoon because it is deep and it holds the food in place so it doesn’t spill before …

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