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Ten Reasons Why You Would Want To Visit Virginia Beach

I am from Florida. I have pretty much grown up with a beach within a short drive. So I know a good beach when I hear about it!  I was reading about Virginia Beach and it sounds really nice. This beach is definitely a beach I would take a vacation. Virgian Beach sounds like a great mix of great beaches and attractions. Here are 10 reasons why I would want to visit Virginia Beach.

1. The Chesapeake Bay, Resort Area, and Sandbridge make up 35 miles of Virginia Beach’s coastline, That’s a lot of beach to explore! Whether you are looking to escape to a nice, quiet beach setting or prefer to layout your towel right in the middle of the action, there’s a place on the sand for everyone.

2. They have 3 beaches! They are all completely free!!

3. There are miles of gorgeous  beaches, state parks, wildlife trails, and waterways. You can always find something to do for the outdoor lover!

4. There is awesome fishing on the Atlantic ocean. If you like to fish – this is a location you should check out! You can fish anytime of year and catch a lot of great fish! Click >here to see the fish you can catch.

5. There are a ton of great >activities for kids. Click >here to see them all but   >Ocean Breeze Waterpark and  The Virginia Aquarium sound like something I would do with my kids!

6. If you dont want to spend everyday at the beach you can immerse yourself in the history of Colonial Williamsburg, visit  Busch Gardens, travel under the depths at Nauticus, or simply explore the many unique cities that call southeastern Virginia home. Click >here to read about these great activities.

7. You can camp on the beach! One night we spent the night on a island and it was so much fun! I would probably wait until my kids are older, but this sounds like something I would really love to do!

8. Beach vacation = yummy seafood! I love seafood and it doens’t get much fresher than ordering it on a beach vacation!

9. Do you like to jet ski? I do! This is a very fun thing to do on the beach! It’s another awesome thing available when you visit Virginia Beach!

10. I love Boardwalks! It is so fun to just walk on a boardwalk, They have a three-mile boardwalk where you can go biking, rollerblading, and just having fun. There are outdoor cafes and nautical sculptures on one side, and a wide beach and Atlantic Ocean on the other.

Taking a vacation to Virginia Beach sounds like the perfect vacation for anyone! You have the beach, history, fishing, Busch Gardens, and more! This is definitely a location we will consider for a vacation!

Make sure you click here to read all about Virginia Beach! I am sure you will find something you like!

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[...] Ten Reasons Why You Would Want To Visit Virginia Beach [...]

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