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Update #3 – How Grocery Shopping More Often Saves Me Money (August Grand Total)

Part 3 - How Grocery Shopping More Often Saves Me Money (August Grand Total)

If this is your first time reading my series – make sure you start at the beginning:

I know this update is late – but it’s important because it will have my totals for the month – did it work for us?? Yes! I am loving this new way to shop. We have cut some money from our grocery budget and I have not throw away so much food. My pantry is still sorta stocked but I can see the back of my fridge and that is nice.

This week I went shopping just once. We had a lot of things going on and I had everything we needed for meals after this shopping trip. I spent $115 because I stocked up on snacks for the kids’ lunches – but these always last me at least 2 weeks. Plus Kroger was having a really big sale on these items that even had digital coupons. 


Week #1

  • Kroger – $18
  • Walmart $26
  • Kroger $15

Total – $59

Week #2

  • Kroger – $110 This was a lot of items to get my kids ready for Back to school. We bought chips, drinks, granola bars, etc to pack with them to go to school. Many of the items were on sale so I know they will last me until the end of the month.
  • Walmart – $15 (misc stuff for my daughter’s birthday party)

Week 2 total – $135

Week #3

  • Kroger – $115
  • Kroger $21 (lunch meat, dairy, produce)

Week #3 Total – $136

I actually took a big trip to Aldi’s and Kroger the first week of August and that was kind of the trip that made me rethink this whole “big grocery trips”. I had my 3 kids with me and they were messing with each other and I had this huge cart of things to lug around the store, bring into the house, and put everything away. As I was putting stuff away I was getting frustrated because I didn’t have any room  – so I wanted to re-do the way I shopped!

So the first week of August I spent about $200 – and I am sure we wasted a lot of that food (produce, dairy, bread, etc).

August Grand Total ……. $530! That’s awesome because I always spend about $700-$800 on food each month. So we are wasting a lot less and saving a lot more.

So what do you think – could this work for your family? I understand that it can’t but we live very close to Walmart and Kroger and I pass them every day. I usually keep a running list of the things we run out of and then when we really need something I take a trip to the store.

I love being able to find everything I need in the pantry and refrigerator. And I love that I can get everything into the house in one trip. The extra money in my checking account is nice too!

You can read my original post Why Grocery Shopping More Often Will Save Me Money to see if this method could help you!

Read my first update – So Far So Good! 

Update #2 – I spent a little more but I needed stuff for the kids’ school lunches.

If you like to make a meal plan make sure you check out my 40 Crock Pot Freezer Meals. I love to have these dinners in my freezer for our busy days. It’s also perfect for Back to School time! I even have a printable grocery list to make it easy!


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.