If you have been following me on Instagram or reading my blog for the past month, you would have seen that we took a family trip to Paris. We packed a lot of things in just 5 days and had so much fun. I’m not usually in many pictures with my kids so this trip we did something fun. We took selfies with famous attractions in Paris. 

Selfies On My Family Trip To Paris 

Being a tourist is crazy, so you need to just grab a quick picture whenever you can because you never know if you are going to be able to get that perfect shot. 

Most of these pictures were with my daughter. She loves Paris. She couldn’t wait to go there and would love to go back. She was usually hanging out with me while the boys were hanging out with my husband. But I did grab a few more selfies with other family members. 

I plan on printing all these selfies so we can look back one day and relive the memories. We have bought a plastic container (shoebox size) so we can put memories from our trip into this box. We will add maps, postcards, Disneyland tickets, pictures and more.

We love to travel and we can’t wait to go on more trips. We are going to start using a plastic shoebox for any trips we make to preserve all our memories. Digital images are great – but in 25 years it will be much easier to share these tangible memories with more people. 

I am not a selfie person but this was fun! I hope you enjoy all our selfies in Paris! And hopefully, this will encourage you to be in more photos with your kids and help you keep track of your memories! 

Selfies On My Family Trip To Paris

Notre Dame Cathedral

Here we are at Notre Dame Cathedral. This was a few months after the fire so this was as close as we could get to the church. It really was so pretty and so sad to see the other side that was badly burnt. 

Selfies On My Family Trip To Paris

Selfies On My Family Trip To Paris

Fun Day at the Louvre Museum – there is so much to see! 

Selfies On My Family Trip To Paris

Selfie With Mona Lisa – it is much smaller than we thought it would be! 

Selfies On My Family Trip To Paris


We call this one “Exhaustion at the Louvre” 🙂 

Disneyland Paris – this was on Big Thunder Mountain. This ride was much better than the one in Orlando! So much fun! 

  Selfies On My Family Trip To Paris

The Effiel Tower was so cool! Our hotel was only about 2 blocks from it so we saw it several times a day during our trip. 


    Another cool place to visit is Arc de Triomphe. It’s a fun walk down Champs-Élysées. There are lots of stores and restaurants. Make sure you get a crepe or 5 with Nutella at one of the stands. 

We really had a great time and it will be a family trip to paris we will always remember. We have a ton of pictures but I thought that these pictures would be fun to share. 

And if you want a good laugh you can check out my husband video – Dad Jokes Louvre Museum in Paris, France

Can you believe we got our plane tickets for free to Paris for all 5 of us? That was how we were able to have this awesome family vacation. You can also check out some tips about taking an international trip (with a free printable vacation planner) and learn how we got around Paris so easily with amazing views