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30+ Bedroom Essentials For The Perfect Room

Bedroom essentials are the basic items that are necessary to make a bedroom functional, relaxing, and comfortable.

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I love my master bedroom. Our mattress is very comfortable, we have PeachSkinSheets® that are soft and cooling, high-quality sheets, and we get a great night’s sleep with blackout curtains. 

If your bedroom isn’t where you love to be at the end of a long day, I have a list of bedroom essentials you need to sleep great every night! 

The average person spends about one-third of their life sleeping, which amounts to about 25 years of sleep over a 75-year lifespan.

While the amount of sleep needed can vary from person to person, adults generally need between 7-9 hours of sleep per night.

Creating the perfect sleep environment is a great way to ensure you get a good night’s sleep. Lack of sleep can have serious consequences, including decreased cognitive function, impaired decision-making, and increased risk of accidents. Having the right bedroom essentials can help make your room a relaxing and functional room in your home. 


Bedroom Essentials: 

Bedroom essentials are the basic items that are necessary to make a bedroom functional, relaxing, and comfortable. Check out this list of common bedroom essentials.

If you are ready to sleep better – check out this bedroom essentials list:

Bedroom essentials are the basic items that are necessary to make a bedroom functional, relaxing, and comfortable. Check out this list of common bedroom essentials.Your mattress is the most important piece of furniture in your room since you spend a lot of time sleeping. 

Here are a few tips to make sure you get the best night’s sleep

Invest in a high-quality mattress that supports your sleep and fits your body type.

Determine your budget: Mattresses can vary widely in price, so deciding how much you are willing to spend before you start shopping is essential.

There are different bed sizes – so you need to know which size will fit in your bedroom so you have enough space for other room essentials and bedroom furniture.



Consider your sleeping position: Do you sleep on your side, back, or stomach? This can affect the type of mattress that’s right for you. For example, side sleepers may benefit from a softer mattress that offers more cushioning for the shoulders and hips, while back sleepers may prefer a firmer mattress that supports the spine.

Determine your firmness preference: Firmness is subjective, so trying out different types of mattresses to find one that feels comfortable for you is important. A good rule to follow is that a mattress should provide enough support to keep your spine aligned while offering enough cushioning to relieve pressure points.

Consider the materials: Mattresses can be made from a variety of materials, including latex, memory foam, innerspring, and hybrid. Each type of material has unique benefits and drawbacks, so it’s important to research and compare different options to find the one that suits your needs.

If you are a hot sleeper you should avoid foam mattress options – unless it says it has a cooling feature.

Test out different mattresses: If possible, it’s important to physically test out different mattresses before deciding. Lie down on each mattress for several minutes to understand how it feels and whether it provides the right level of support and comfort.

If you are a side or stomach sleeper – check out these tips to pick out a good mattress

Check the warranty: Check the warranty on any mattress you’re considering. A good warranty should cover the mattress for at least 10 years and provide protection against defects and other issues. It should also give you enough time to try it out and if you don’t like it, you can easily send it back. 

Read all the reviews – Find reviews on other sites, not just the manufacturer’s website. Reading online reviews can be helpful in determining the quality and durability of a mattress. Look for reviews from other customers with similar sleeping positions and preferences to understand whether the mattress fits you. 

Check out Naturepedic if you are looking for a high-quality organic mattress. Use code SYD15 for 15% off a mattress at Naturepedic.


Photo Credit: Classic White – Amanda Liechty – @thepedalingpa

Bedding Essentials: 

I have purchased a lot of sheets, and my favorite is PeachSkinSheets®. The ultra-soft brushed finish provides a softness level that parallels 1,500 thread count cotton but without the shrinkage, wrinkles, and pilling. Plus, they have over 32,000 5-star reviews – so you don’t have to take my word for it!

PeachSkinSheets® are affordable!! Sheet sets start at $75 —an affordable luxury that truly can’t be beaten. They have so many beautiful colors to pick from that are all solid colors. Each set has a flat sheet, fitted sheet, and pillow case. 


Every month they feature a color at a discount. 

Current Deals: Until May 15, use code MOM and ALL colors at PeachSkinSheets® are only $75/$95 + Free Standard Shipping on orders $150+*

Order by Monday, May 8th at 11:59 pm ET for the best chance of Mother’s Day arrival! (Promotional codes cannot be combined.)

*$79 for regular-size complete sheet sets (Twin through Cali King) and $99 for specialty-size complete sheet sets (like Split King and Split Head) and Duvet Cover Sets.

Do you prefer a comforter set, soft blankets, or a duvet cover if you want to have a down comforter? These are essential for a comfortable and cozy sleep. Choose bedding that is comfortable, breathable, and easy to clean. It’s always nice to have an extra blanket available for those cool nights. 


Pillows are another very important piece to sleeping well: Pillows provide support and comfort for your head and neck while sleeping. Choose comfortable pillows that provide the right level of support for your sleeping position.

You can also add lumbar pillows, and lots of decorative pillows in different colors. Bed pillows are a great way to decorate your space.

Bedroom Furniture:

There are several pieces of furniture that you will need to make your bedroom functional. If you have a piece of wall art or piece of furniture you want to be the focal point of the room – plan all your other choices based on the colors and styles.

Know your style – do you want a more modern look or a contemporary look? 


Dresser: You need a dresser for storing clothing and other items. Choose a dresser that fits your storage needs and complements your bedroom decor. Pick out the best dresser based on the size of your room. If your room is smaller – get a tall dresser. Or if you need more space to add things like a TV to a mirror – you can get a long dresser. 


Everyone needs bedside tables (aka nightstand) : This small piece of furniture can be just a table or a cabinet with storage space. It’s nice to have some extra storage. 

A nightstand is a great place for table lamps, your favorite books, an alarm clock, a place to charge your phone, and that glass of water you may need in the middle of the night. 

Seating: I like to have a space in my room to relax that isn’t my bed. It is a great option when you want to read a good book or talk on the phone. It doesn’t have to be fancy. You can get an accent chair or a lounge chair. I also like to have extra throw blankets in my room so I can use one when relaxing in my chair. Place a floor lamp near the chair to provide extra overhead light. 


Mirrors: Everyone needs a full-length mirror in their room so they can make sure they are all put together before leaving the house! Mirrors are an easy way to make a small bedroom feel more spacious. 



Bed Frame – If you need more space in your room, you should at least get a platform bed frame. This will give you a little extra personal space under your bed to store your personal items. I don’t like having a stylish headboard, but if you want one, make sure it matches your style. If you have the space, canopy beds are always a great centerpiece of your bedroom.




Desk or vanity: Will you use this area of your home to do homework or apply your makeup? If you have the space – pick which one will get used more. But this is one of the items you don’t need if you do not have a lot of space in your bedroom design. 


Curtains or Blinds: This is a very important thing you need in your bedroom. My perfect bedroom is cold and dark. Curtains or blinds can help block out natural light and noise, creating a more peaceful and restful sleep environment.

A darker bedroom can help promote better sleep by reducing exposure to light, which can interfere with the production of the hormone melatonin. Blackout curtains are the most affordable and work the best to keep out extra light and heat from the sun. 


Bedroom essentials are the basic items that are necessary to make a bedroom functional, relaxing, and comfortable. Check out this list of common bedroom essentials.


Bedroom Lighting: Good lighting is essential for a functional and inviting bedroom. Consider bedside lamps or dimmer switches to create a cozy and relaxing atmosphere.



Decorative Items: Personal touches like art, photographs, and decorative objects can make your bedroom feel like a place where you can relax. Area rugs are also a great addition to add coziness and color. Other things you can add are decorative throw pillows and fresh flowers, and decorative plants. Your personal style will make it perfect! 

Check out this option to decorate your walls on a budget!


Bedroom essentials are the basic items that are necessary to make a bedroom functional, relaxing, and comfortable. Check out this list of common bedroom essentials.


A few other things that may be helpful but aren’t necessary: 

Pillow cover – these usually come with the sheet sets or your comforter sets. 

Pillow protector– this is an extra layer to protect your pillow from makeup, sweat, drool, food spills, etc.

Power strip – we have lots of devices – so make sure you have something to charge and protect them. 

Chaise lounge – If you have the space in your room – this is a great piece of furniture. 


Mattress topper – If you have a great mattress but it needs a little extra softness – get a mattress topper.

A mattress pad will help change the pressure points of the mattress or revitalize an old mattress or lengthen the life of a new one.


Bedroom essentials are the basic items that are necessary to make a bedroom functional, relaxing, and comfortable. Check out this list of common bedroom essentials.

Mattress Protector – this will help protect your mattress from spills, sweat, and more to help your mattress stay cleaner. These are removable so you can wash them. 

Small mirror – keep this in your vanity area for quick makeup application.

Closet Organizers – this is a great way to organize your stuff so you keep your room clutter free. 

String lights – These lights are so much fun and add a little light when you don’t want to turn on all your other lights. 



Storage Bench – if you have the space at the end of your bed you could get a storage bench to hide all your blankets. If you don’t have a lot of room – a basket is another great option. 

Candles or wax burners – these are great to add some relaxing scents to your room. 

This is a great list of bedroom essentials for any room. Use it to create the perfect guest bedroom, dorm room, etc. 

This is a very long list of bedroom essentials – but I want to know what other bedroom essentials are on your list?

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