I received a new grill and accessories from STOK. All opinions are my own. 

We moved to a tiny town just outside of Louisville, Kentucky. The town is amazing. And the people are so friendly. We built our house in a new neighborhood and everyone moved into their houses in 2016. We were all new – so we wanted to make sure we had the chance to get to know our neighbors and make new friends in our hometown.

That’s how #GrillingFriday began. We love to grill. Since we are from Florida, we were used to grilling all the time. But in Kentucky – some days are just too cold to be outside. Once the kids got out of school, we started #GrillingFriday.

Every Friday night we would invite 1 or 2 families over for dinner. We would provide the meat and we would ask the other families to bring a side. You know I love dessert – so I would also use the night as a way to try out a new dessert.  Read more…


I am so excited about adding a new movie to our collection! With all the activities my kids have going on during the school year, we usually don’t get to see all the movies they want to see in the theater. So they are very excited about the release of The Boss Baby in July.
I heard so many great things about this movie so I know that my kids will really enjoy it. We may even do a family movie night and invite a few of our neighbors.

About The Boss Baby:

Read more…


This review was made possible by iConnect and Luvs.  I was provided compensation to facilitate this post, but all opinions stated are 100% mine.

How to Pack Your Diaper Bag for a Beach Adventure

I don’t have babies in diapers anymore, but when I did we made sure to have Luvs Diapers on hand. With my wiggly-worms, it was a must that we have a dependable diaper. Stocking up on Luvs also meant we could save money on diapers and use that extra money towards a family get away. I’ve always been a thrifty shopper and with a big family, I had to find even more ways to save. Making the right diaper choice was just the beginning! Once we saved enough money we could go on a Summer adventure.

Once we saved enough money we could go on a Summer adventure. My favorite adventures always take place at the beach and when taking a trip you have to pack the diaper bag with everything you’ll need for the babies. How did I pack a diaper bag for a Summer adventure? Easy!

Diaper Bag Must-Haves for a Beach Adventure

  • Lots of high-SPF sunscreen for everyone in the family, especially the babies.
  • Juice and fluids for the family. You have to stay hydrated when you’re out in the sun!
  • A hat and sunglasses for everyone to get that extra sun protection.
  • Easy to eat snacks. Cut up fruit such as watermelon and cantaloupe, along with bite-sized yogurt bites and such make perfect beach day snacks.
  • Sand and water-friendly toys for the little one to play with and to keep them occupied during your excursion.
  • Extra bathing suit and clothes for the baby (and the family). It always pays to pack extra.
  • Wipes are an obvious choice, but it’s always to good to have them on your list so you don’t forget.
  • Diapers are a must. Don’t forget to pack extra Luvs so you won’t have to stop to buy more on your Summer adventure!

In addition to packing the diaper bag, we always bring extra beach towels and a little canopy or umbrella to block the sun even more. Pack a cooler and you’re set for Summer fun!

Save Big

Keep an eye out for big savings on Luvs this month.

  • This Sunday’s Paper (May 28, 2017) will have a BrandSaver insert from P&G with a Luvs coupon offering $2 off any one diaper pack or box. Coupon expires 6/10/17.
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You can use these coupons at any mass, discount or grocery stores where Luvs Diapers are sold. All Luvs Diapers are included in this particular offer, except trial/travel sized diaper packs.


Luvs is even softer and more absorbent than ever before and has large stretch tabs for easy fastening. With ultra-leakage protection and a money-back guarantee, Luvs Ultra Leakguards with NightLock Plus™ provide the high-quality features babies and parents need for less cost than the premium brands.

Once you have your Luvs and your backed diaper bag, where are you off to this Summer? What is your ultimate family adventure?


Enter To Win Adidas Baboa Sunglasses

by Janell on May 26, 2017

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With Adidas Baboa Sunglasses you will get eye protection in a fashionable and safe way. They can be worn all year round and provide the UV protection to your precious eyes.  Read more…


The day is finally here! You can go see PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: DEAD MEN TELL NO TALES – tomorrow!! Can you believe it’s been 6 years!

I have read so many great things online about this movie and interview with the cast that I know it’s going to be amazing!

To help you get ready for this release I have some awesome stuff to share with you. Make sure you check out all these fun activities that you can download and print.

Check out this image with a sneak peek at all the fun stuff you can do. It’s the perfect way to keep your kids busy doing summer vacation! Click here to download the activity packet.

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Strawberry Nachos

by Janell on May 25, 2017

I love strawberries. When we lived in Florida we had a huge strawberry festival. It was part of the Florida State Fair. You could enjoy the most amazing Strawberry Shortcakes!

Now that we live in Kentucky, strawberry season is a little later. So last week we went to a local farm and picked 11 pounds of strawberries. (Yes, I did share with my neighbor.) I love strawberry shortcake so we ate that a few times. But then I remembered when we lived in Mexico we had a friend that would make a marshmallow fluff fruit dip. I thought it would be such a fun way to enjoy all these strawberries! Read more…


Enter to WIN a $150 gift card to EvgieNev!

It’s time for another EvgieNev giveaway! Summertime is the perfect time to spruce up the walls in your home. But why do it the hard way when you can order some beautiful AND removable wall decals!? I love how easy these are to apply, and how easy they are to remove when you are ready for a new look. Your kids will love them. But they also have elegant decals for the rest of you home as well.

EvgieNev can also do custom decals of pretty much whatever you can think of! They can adjust colors, sizes – if you can image it they can do it!


Let’s check out some of the new decals they are offering right now: Read more…


Save More Money With Groupon Coupons

by Janell on May 23, 2017

This information is brought to you by Groupon. All opinions are my own.

Save More Money With Groupon Coupons

I have been a fan of Groupon since they came out many years ago. Who doesn’t want a huge discount at a restaurant they already love or a half price gift card? But Groupon has more perks that you may not know about – they also offer coupons. Like actual coupons, you can print out and save when you shop in-store or coupon codes you can use when you shop online. It’s a really easy way to squeeze out a few more dollars on your purchase.

Here are a few of my favorite deals from Groupon Coupons that will save you money this summer!

We plan on doing some upgrades to out backyard this summer. We know we can find everything we need at Home Depot. Groupon Coupons has 50 coupons available to help you save money. Some of the ones we will use include a $5 printable coupon and they have a few sales alerts to save on the products we need. Read more…


Americano on DVD, Digital HD and On Demand on June 13!

Looking for a super cute movie to watch with the kids during summer family movie nights? I have the perfect DVD for you! Have you heard of Americano?

Cuco is a Mexican boy parrot that would rather imitate the crazy stunts of his TV parrot superhero, El Americano, than help with his chores at the family bird circus. Yet when a gang of bully birds threatens his ringmaster father and takes over the circus, Cuco sets off on a hilarious and perilous journey to Hollywood to enlist his hero in his fight, only to discover the true hero within himself. Read more…


Disney’s Bambi Signature Collection on Digital HD and Disney Movies Anywhere on May 23

*I received a copy for review purposes. All opinions are my own. 

Who else loved Bambi as a kid? It’s just one of those classic Disney movies that everyone loves and sticks with you forever. I’m super excited that I get to share my love of classic Disney movies with my kids are they rerelease them. Can you believe that this this year is Bambi’s 75th anniversary!? It just proves that Disney movies stand the test of time right? Read more…