Save on TENA® Products at CVS

by Janell on April 27, 2017

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Save on TENA® Products at CVS #ChooseTENA

Let’s face it moms, unexpected leaks happen, it is just part of being a mom. So it’s good to know about TENA® incontinence products. They are discrete and they let you do the things you love, without missing out on any moment or experience.

CVS and has an entire line of TENA® products to help you not miss out on anything and save you money!

TENA® product offers:

  • iBOGO50 and Buy 2 Get $1 ExtraBuck Reward
  • Also $2 FSI (free standing insertions $2 coupons being circulated in the Sunday 4/30 newspaper as an insert)
  • 30% Ship and Save limited offer using code SAVE30 to redeem (4/30-5/13)

Keep feeling confident with protection for the Unexpected Leak™, with TENA® incontinence products for women. Designed for comfort and made for performance, TENA® incontinence products let you do the things you love, without missing out on any moment or experience.

One Unexpected Leak is one too many. TENA® empowers you to keep living your life to the fullest.


Grilled Mexican Burgers Recipe- 12 Days of Picnic Ideas

We are almost at the end of our 12 days of picnic ideas! Today is day 11, what has been your favorite recipe so far? You might have found your favorite today! I love a good grilled burger. Don’t you? I have a new twist on an old favorite. Why not try my friend Dina’s recipe for a Grilled Mexican Burger. It will make a delicious addition to any meal if you’re at the lake grilling or if you are simply hanging at home. What’s your favorite topping on your burger? Is it pepper jack or salsa? Or are you traditional and more like mayo and tomato?

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CARS 3 – New Trailer Now Available #Cars3

by Janell on April 26, 2017

CARS 3 opens in theatres everywhere on June 16, 2017 and I have a new trailer to share with you! This is going to be an awesome movie and I know our family can’t wait to see it! 

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Cucumber Green Tea Recipe- 12 Days of Picnic Ideas

Welcome back to day 10 of the 12 days of Picnic Ideas series! Today’s feature is a refreshing iced tea from Mom Does Reviews. This delicious creation is made with a cucumber simple syrup and served with fresh cucumbers and ice! Pour it all into a mason jar and you’re ready for your next picnic! Grab the complete recipe at Mom Does Reviews HERE. Read more…


Tips for Saving Money on Your Gas and Utility Bills

Saving money is a good thing, no matter how you do it. When it comes to gas and utility bills, many people don’t think twice about what they’re paying and don’t realize that by checking the efficiency of their homes and slightly altering some household habits, they could easily save a good amount of money on these bills. Here are some great tips to save energy in your home, therefore saving you money.

Make sure your doors and windows are properly sealed

It’s important to make sure all the doors and windows in your home are properly sealed, otherwise you’ll just be throwing money away on your gas bill. If you notice a draft coming from the doors or windows in your home, cover any holes and make sure to add weather stripping. Doing this will ensure that the heat or air stay inside your house rather than drifting out through any open spaces, therefore decreasing your usage and the amount you spend for them. Read more…


Crockpot Baked Potatoes- 12 Days of Picnic Ideas

Can you believe it’s already day 9 of our 12 days of picnic ideas!? Spring is here and that means it’s time to be out and enjoy your family and friends! The weather is finally warmer and we love outside. This month my blogger buddies and I are helping you celebrate the warmer weather by giving you all of these fantastic Picnic and BBQ recipes!

Today, head over and check out this EASY recipe for Crockpot Baked Potatoes! If you have the grill filled up with burgers or are feeding lots of family and friends, these crockpot baked potatoes are the perfect way to feed a crockpot. With just a few easy steps of prep, you can get on to grilling and spending time with your family and friends. OH, and they are so easy to transport, so if you are headed to the park or to someone’s house…no worries! Read more…


Chocolate Strawberry Hand Pies Recipe- 12 Days of Picnic Ideas

Welcome back to day 8 of the 12 Days of Picnic Ideas series! Today’s feature is an easy chocolate and strawberry hand pie that can be wrapped up quickly, right out of the oven!  This would be a perfect snack to grab if you are heading on a picnic or invited to a summer gathering with friends and family. Grab this delicious recipe at Mommy’s Playbook HERE. Read more…


Savings Strategies For Moms #WellWisdomWG

by Janell on April 23, 2017

Sponsored post by Mirum Shopper. All opinions are my own. #WellWisdomWG

Savings Strategies For Moms #WellWisdomWG

I have three kids. I always talk about how the first was so hard. I felt like I never got enough sleep, my house was never clean, and it almost feels like you are in survival mode for the first few months. It is really a huge adjustment to figure out what works for you and your baby.

When baby #2 arrived things were a little crazy, but there were so many times I thought to myself – why was baby #1 so difficult. I felt like with baby #2; I was more relaxed. I didn’t feel like to had to do everything the book said. I had more freedom, and I knew how things worked. I also knew that it’s ok if the kitchen wasn’t spotless and if all the laundry wasn’t put away.

I also learned that babies don’t have to be as expensive as we think. We used formula, and I loved that my husband and other kids were able to be part of feedings. It was a special time to connect during feeding time.

Savings Strategies For Moms #WellWisdomWG

Breastfeeding is best, but sometimes that doesn’t always work out – it didn’t work for us. There are so many options available, but you will get the same quality ingredients of name-brand formula for much less money with Well Beginnings formula at Walgreens. It’s a great option if you are supplementing nursing with baby formula or if you have decided to exclusively formula feed.

Savings Strategies For Moms #WellWisdomWG

Just look at the difference in prices between the national brand ($28.99)  and Well Beginnings formula at Walgreens ($18.99). You are saving $10 every time you buy the formula. Plus it goes on sale, and you can save even more. I saw it the other day for just $13.99 per canister. You could be saving $40 – $60 each month just on baby formula.

Savings Strategies For Moms #WellWisdomWG

  • Well Beginnings Premium Infant Formula with Iron, 23.4oz  
  • Well Beginnings Advantage Milk Based Infant Formula with Iron, 23.2oz  
  • Well Beginnings Sensitivity Infant Formula, 22.5oz  
  • Well Beginnings Gentle Infant Formula with Iron, 22.1oz  

Walgreens is also easy to shop – quick in & out. It’s not a huge store, but you can find everything you need. Plus they offer to ship to store/home via online subscriptions allowing for flexibility with busy schedules.

Other ways you can save money is to look for other Well Beginnings products to help keep more money in your wallet. This is our favorite brand of diapers, and I had a baby that leaked in just about every other diaper we tried. You can also pick up wipes, health and wellness products, and bath items.

Savings Strategies For Moms #WellWisdomWG

You also learn with baby #2 that you don’t have to go out and get all the must-have products. I had a huge garage sale with all the items we never used with baby #1, and I didn’t want to have to try to figure it out with #2. Just find a few items that you think will be helpful. Try to borrow them from a friend or buy them at a yard sale or second-hand store

If you are a first-time mom – please take my advice, sleep when your baby sleeps, national brands are just more expensive, and it’s really ok to buy used items. (Bonus – you will probably be able to sell it for about what you paid for it!)

If you have kids, I would love for you to leave some advice to a new mom. What would you love for her to know to make the transition to being a mom a little bit easier and more affordable?


Orange fruity dessert Recipe- 12 Days of Picnic Ideas

Welcome back to the 7 Day of the 12 Days of Picnic Ideas!

As long as I can remember, this Mandarin Orange Salad with Pineapple and Cool Whip has been a staple for family get-togethers. Whether for Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, or a fun back yard barbecue – this creamy delight has been a highlight of the meal and is loved by all! I love mandarin oranges and, of course, I love pineapple! This simple dessert combines 2 of my favorite fruits for a refreshing end to the meal. It is light and fruity, without being overly sweet. It’s the perfect dessert because you can make it ahead of time and let it be chilling in the fridge and it makes enough for a crowd. With only 5 ingredients, you just don’t get any easier than this! Read more…