DIY All Purpose Cleaner

by Janell on January 11, 2014

DIY All Purpose Cleaner


I have been looking for ways to use more natural products in our home. We use so many chemicals and with 3 little kids in the house, I wanted to try to avoid as many as I can.

A few weeks ago Puritan’s Pride sent me a few essential oils to try out. I have been reading a lot about how people are using essential oils in their everyday lives from everything to cleaning and health improvement. (These oils are super affordable at Puritan’s Pride!)

I wanted to use the oils to make a DIY All Purpose cleaner. It is going to cost me a lot less than store bought cleaners and it is much better for me to use in my home.

This recipe is simple. It contains Tea Tree is great to use when you want to kill germs. This should never be taken orally. So if you want you can keep this out of the cleaner it is still a great cleaner. There is just a tiny bit of this in it.

DIY All Purpose Cleaner


  1. Using a funnel add all the ingredients to the spray bottle.
  2. Swirl the mixture around and start cleaning!

It’s that easy! The Tea Tree Oil has a strong smell, but it disappears in a few minutes. I think it smells better than the vinegar and it covers up that smell.

I had run out of my store bough cleaners and I was so happy I put this together. I will never spend money on cleaners again! So what do you think? Will you try to make your own cleaners? Do you have a favorite that you use? I would love to have some more DIY products in my home!

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