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How to throw a party without breaking the bank

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.


The recent news that parents have felt pressured to give out iPads and tablets in kid’s party bags is an example of everything that’s wrong with the world. Or at least everything that’s wrong with the world of children’s parties. Birthdays are times to celebrate, but rest assured you can throw a great birthday bash without having to re-mortgage your house to pay for it. Here’s how.


  • 1.Limit the guest list

This might sound mean-spirited but one of the simplest ways to avoid spending a fortune is by being selective over who comes. Asking your kids who they want to invite will avoid you inviting the whole block, and smaller parties make things much more manageable.

  • 2.Choose a theme

Imaginative ideas cost nothing, and can turn a mediocre party into a great one. Pirates, movie stars, creepy crawlies or fairytales are broad enough themes to go down well with kids of any age.

  • 3.Decorate yourself

Whether you’re holding the party in your home or a local hall (a good cost effective option if you haven’t managed to keep the guest list down), release your inner creativity and decorate yourself. Draped sheets, paper chains, balloons and home-made pom-poms add an element of fun. And dig out those neglected Christmas fairy lights to add a touch of magic.

  • 4.Cater at home

Bribe friends, family or neighbours to help you with the food in return for a bottle of wine. Dishes like spaghetti bolognese or macaroni cheese are always great crowd-pleasers and can be made in bulk in advance then simply heated through. To save cash and limit the sugar intake, make your own cakes, flapjack and biscuits.

  • 5.Select a few games

You don’t have to go wild on the entertainment front. A few choice games that suit the theme will hold kids’ attention far more than a packed agenda. Younger ones always love pass the parcel or musical chairs, and for older kids Mexican pinatas go down a storm – pick yours up at the local supermarket, like Tesco.

Parties really don’t have to cost the earth and cause stress to be a real success. After all, it’s not the money that kids will remember in years to come; it’s the fun and the creativity. And despite being hard work, you might even find you enjoy them quite a bit too.

Images by Peasap and Nathan Jones, used under the Creative Commons license.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.