Hobbies can be a fun and satisfying way to spend your time, especially if they are things you can do around the house without a huge investment in materials or supplies. Here are a few ideas that might pique your interest.

Be careful, once you get hooked on a new hobby, you might find yourself obsessed with buying the latest knitting wool, vegetable seeds or a new paper-cutting tool.


Let’s start off with one of the biggest hobbies out there today. The art of paper crafting, embellishment, and typeface design has taken on a life of its own that goes beyond just decorating photo pages. Flex your creative muscles and put together a fancy themed scrapbook page and see how much you enjoy the results.


Along with crochet, knitting is another older hobby that has been gaining steam in the crafting community. It’s easy to learn the first basic stitches just by watching a few YouTube videos, so there is no reason not to pick up some needles and yarn, and give it a go. Yarn can be found in a virtually endless range of colors, textures and fiber types these days, so there is no limit to your creative visions. Start with a basic scarf, and soon you’ll be crafting sweaters and decorative Afghans.


Is there anything more rewarding than watching plants thrive under your care, producing a colorful display of flowers or even a harvest of tasty veggies? You don’t even need a large yard to get started with gardening. A small bed can be enough, or you can stick with containers on a balcony or windowsill. Herbs can be grown in a kitchen window, and the classic tomato can thrive in just about any garden space that gets sun. All you need to start gardening is a few basic tools (hand trowel, pots, gloves) and some seeds.

Website Design

Or perhaps you prefer a more modern hobby that takes advantage of the latest technology and graphic design? Creating and managing websites has gotten easy enough that it could be considered a hobby, and something that anyone can learn even without a degree in computer programming. It’s not quite as simplistic as gardening but definitely something the average person can learn with a little reading and tutorial watching.

Come up with an idea, and you can build a site on any topic that interests you. Write articles, share photos and interact with new people. Who knows, it may even earn you a little money?


Cooking may seem like more of a chore to some people than a hobby, but people are coming back to the kitchen after a generation of relying on processed food. Learning how to cook from scratch can be great fun, and eating your work can be a great motivator to learn. Either stick to basic dishes or explore specific themes like candy-making, vegan cooking or cake decorating. Again, look to online videos to learn new techniques, and the Internet has an endless supply of free recipes you can experiment with.

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