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Wet sneakers are incredibly annoying. Trust me…I know! 

I have been to theme parks all over Florida and I love to wear sneakers to walk around. I also love rides that get you all wet because it’s refreshing and fun.


But I hate wet sneakers! My feet feel really gross – so I usually have to avoid the water rides. 

We also like to go hiking and it’s fun to cross the very shallow creeks – but not so fun to finish our hike with wet sneakers. 

My husband is a student pastor and he spends his summers hanging out with teens – soggy shoes are no fun! Waterproof shoes are a necessity! 

In the past, we have used sandals that had the soles like sneakers – but they don’t protect our feet like regular sneakers do. And I still had wet feet! I need the best outdoor shoes

So when I learned about Loom footwear – I was excited to learn I can have the best of both worlds. I can step into water and still wear sneakers! No more wet feet! 


Loom footwear is the best waterproof shoes to keep your feet comfy and dry no matter the weather. These sneakers are comfortable, breathable, anti-odor, lightweight, flexible and they are eco-friendly shoes!

If you spend any time outside – you need Loom Footwear because they are the best waterproof sneakers

Loom Footwear is available for Men in sizes 6-13 and Women sizes 5-11. They are available in black and white. 


Loom shoes are also city-appropriate and designed with outdoor activities in mind. This sleek, wear-anywhere sneaker is meant to tackle any setting – rain, mud, snow, slush – you name it.

If you are looking for the best waterproof sneaker, you are going to love Loom – they are the ultimate waterproof sneaker to keep your feet comfy and dry no matter the weather.