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How To Make A Memory Wall

We have lived in our new house for about 9 months! It’s so hard to figure out how to decorate! In our old house, we realized we didn’t have any pictures of our family around our home! So our new home will have more family pictures. contacted me a few weeks ago about sharing about their canvas prints. They gave me a $100 store credit and it was just the inspiration we needed to get started to add some family pictures to the walls. 

I loved so many things they had to offer and I will be back to shop for more points for our home but for this project I decided to go with 8×8 canvas prints. 


Why I picked the 8×8 Canvas Prints from

  • They are only $5 each!
  • You can get a bunch to cover a large wall
  • We could use thumbtacks to hang them on the wall


With my $100 credit, I was able to get 20 8X8 canvas images for our large wall in our living room. Our theme was vacation memories. We love to travel so we had pictures from trips to Paris, Greece, New York City, Chicago, Mexico City, and more. 

I know you think I am crazy about using thumbtacks – but they are the perfect way to hang up their prints. The canvas prints are not heavy, so the thumbtacks can easily hold the image. It’s also long enough to get under the edge of the picture. And when you mess up, it’s easy to move them to a new spot! 



How To Make A Memory Wall With Canvas Prints:

Now let’s get to how to make that vacation memory wall! We ordered 20 prints but only ended up using 18 of them – but we can use those prints in another room. 

Decide on your theme:

Do you want to focus on family pictures, vacations, a wedding, your children? Once you have a theme you can go through the pictures and decide which ones you want to make into canvas prints. (Tip – make a folder on your desktop to add all your images so they are easy to find when you upload them to



Once your images arrive you can figure out how you want to display them. We liked the 3 images with different heights. But we had also thought about setting them up like the 5 dots on a dice and having 4 sections of prints. 



Before you hang them on the wall –  lay them on the ground to see how you want to set them up.

Measure the full area where you will hang them and find your middle starting point. 

We did rows of 3 images. We found the center of the area and added the first picture. 



Then we used a post-it note and marked 1-inch on it. The images will hang on the thumbtack 1 inch below the picture above it so we used this as a guide. 



When we started a new row we measured it from the middle of the row. We also used a level to make sure each row was level. (Tip – there is an app on your iPhone for a level!)



We did 6 rows with 3 pictures. And we aren’t finished! We ordered a sign to go above it that says “Collect Memories Not Things”. And we still have plans to travel and print more canvas prints to add to this wall of memories! 



As you can see – this was a pretty simple project that would cost you around $100! You can even make a smaller photo collage and do 3 rows of 3 images and that’s just $45! 

I was so impressed with the low prices at! I will be buying more prints to add around my house. also has custom posters that are great alternatives to canvas prints.

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Visit and print out some of your favorite memories and check out all the awesome deals!
Make sure you check back to see the final product after we get the sign to add on top of the wall.


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.