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Kroger Delivery Is Now In Florida – Here Are Some Tips!

Kroger Delivery is now available in Florida! Check out my tips to make sure you get the best deals and perks!


We moved back to Florida last year from Kentucky. My go-to store for grocery shopping in Kentucky was Kroger. It was at the entrance of my neighborhood so it was super convenient. But it also had really great prices, fresh produce, and a great selection of meat. 

When I moved – I knew I would miss Kroger since they are not in Florida. But a few months ago that changed! They are now in Florida! Well….sorta – let me explain. 

Kroger does not have any physical stores. They have a distribution center in Groveland, Florida. So the only way to get groceries from Kroger is to order them online or on the app and have them delivered to your house. They come in a refrigerated truck so everything stays fresh! 

They are not in the whole state of Florida – I think they are mostly in central and northern Florida in the Orlando, Tampa Bay, and Jacksonville area. But the only way to know for sure is to create an account and add your address to see if they deliver to your home. 


Kroger Delivery is now available in Florida! Check out my tips to make sure you get the best deals and perks! Plus find out how to get $20 cashback!



Kroger Deals!

You will be impressed with Kroger’s deals! They have a lot of sales and digital coupons! 

Sales – their sales run from Wednesday to Tuesday. One of their most popular promotions is “Buy 5 or more and save $1 on each item”. So if you buy 5 products that are part of that sale – it will take $5 off your order. If you buy 12 items from that sale you will get $12 off, etc. 

Important!! It’s important to know the day of the week you place the order and the day that it will be delivered. If you place an order on Monday and get it delivered on Wednesday the prices may be different because it’s a new sales week. So my advice is to make sure you are shopping and getting it delivered in the same sales week.  


Kroger Delivery is now available in Florida! Check out my tips to make sure you get the best deals and perks! Plus find out how to get $20 cashback!

Digital Coupons – They have the best digital coupons. Every week they have coupons for free items – last week I got 5 free items. Other weeks they had 8 free items.  Just clip the coupon and the shop all items button and add them to your cart.



They also have “use 5 times” digital coupons. So if there is a coupon for $1 off cereal and it’s a 5-time coupon – you will save $5 when you buy 5 boxes of cereal!  They have a bunch of coupons to pick from – so you don’t have to get all the same products. 

They even have coupons that are just for you based on the products you buy! 

*Please note you cannot use any paper coupons nor get cashback from Ibotta. (But keep reading for a better deal!)



Cashback – they even offer cashback on some products that are deposited in your Kroger digital account and you can use them when you check out. 

They also do a really good job with substitutions. I usually get organic fruit when they don’t have the one I order or they give me the bigger product if that is available. 


Does Kroger Charge a Delivery Fee?

Yes, they do charge a $10 fee to deliver your groceries. But they always have promotions. Right now they have an additional coupon to save $15 off your first 3 deliveries when you spend $35 or more – so that more than covers the delivery fee. 


Kroger Delivery is now available in Florida! Check out my tips to make sure you get the best deals and perks! Plus find out how to get $20 cashback!


If you think you will use their service often, you can pay $79 per year for unlimited grocery delivery when you spend $35 or more. 

In my opinion – the $10 fee is worth it to not have to shop for the groceries, load them to my car, and into the house. I still have to put them away but they load all my groceries on my front porch or my garage. 



No Tipping allowed! I have actually tried to tip them and they wouldn’t take my money. They are always so polite and on time with the deliveries! 


How to redeem Kroger fuel points?

Kroger has another perk that I really missed because it saved me money on gas! When I would spend $100 I would get 100 fuel reward points. I could go to the Kroger gas station and save .10 off per gallon of gas. You can earn up to 1000 fuel points and save up to $1 per gallon of gas. 

They do not have Kroger gas stations here but you can use your Kroger fuel points and save money at Shell gas stations

You earn 1 fuel point for every $1 you spend – and sometimes they have bonus coupons to give you extra fuel points. These points do expire – so use them before you lose them. 

All you need to do is enter your phone number that is associated with your Kroger account at the gas station and it will prompt you to use your rewards. It’s super easy! 



Look for the coupon to earn more fuel points!

Clip the digital coupon to earn 300 Bonus Fuel Points (that’s 30₵ off per gallon at Shell!) on each of your next 3 orders when you download this coupon and complete delivery by 12/31/21.


Tip – Print out this free meal prep worksheet to plan your meals and make your shopping list. Once you get your groceries, tear off the top part of the sheet and stick your meal plan on the fridge so you know what meals you have available for the week!


The links below are my affiliate links. All opinions are my own! 

Earn a $20 Cashback Bonus When You Order Kroger Delivery!! 

I recently discovered a website that pays you when you shop online! RebatesMe.com pays you back a percentage when you start your shopping at their website. When you use my special affiliate link you will get a $20 sign-up bonus. Plus you will get 2% cashback on your purchase. 

How RebatesMe works: 

  1. Click here to create an accountUse referral code RMSYD when signing up and you will earn a $20 bonus! Make sure you check your email to verify your account. 
  2. Search for Kroger in the search bar at the top of the page. Then click the “shop now” button. 
  3. This will bring you to the Kroger website so you can do your shopping. Once your order has been delivered the cashback will be pending in your account. Once you get to $10 in cashback + your $20 sign-on bonus you can cash out! You have the option to choose PayPal or Credit Card (Visa/Mastercard) or Check or Gift Card to receive your money.

Now that you have an account you can earn cashback at so many places! I bought my husband’s sneakers from Adidas.com and got 13% cashback – that was another $5! (The sneakers were $75 on sale for $60. I saved 33% off and got $5 back from RebatesMe.com! I paid $35 for his sneakers!)

Here are a few examples of cashback you can earn. (Please note these can change at any time)

  • Adidas – 10% cashback (I found a great deal on running shoes for my husband and got $5 cashback!)
  • Walmart – 4% cashback
  • Kroger – 2.1% cashback YES you can get paid for ordering your groceries to be delivered!
  • Coach – 10% cashback
  • Norton – 40% cashback
  • Expedia – up to 6% cashback

Now anytime you do any shopping online go to RebatesMe.com, search for the store and shop! You will get paid to shop online for all your Christmas shopping! 


Let me know if you have any questions!


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.