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Why Young Families Should Have A Membership To The YMCA

First I want to say that this is not a sponsored post. I have had a great experience and I wanted to share about this with you! 

I spent many years living in Mexico City. When I lived there I had my first baby. During that time I had 2 more kids. I was a work from home mom. Plus I homeschooled my kids so there weren’t many breaks from being a mom. (Don’t get me wrong – I loved every minute of being with them.) But there were sometimes I would have loved for them to have a few hours to play with their friends while I did some work, exercised, or socialized with other adults!

We have been back in ht US for a few years. During that time our kids have attended public school and I do a lot more work from home. I also have a little time for myself. I have time to workout, have coffee with friends, get the house clean, and work from home.

One of the places I have really enjoyed spending my time is at the YMCA. Last year they were having a special offer and we decided that it was time for us to take better care of our bodies. We wanted to eat better and have a way to exercise. We have found that as members as the YMCA and so much more. If you have never considered being a member at the YMCA, I think some of these reasons may help you realize it’s a good investment.

Childcare is part of your membership!

As a young mom I would have loved to have a safe place to take my kids to play while I worked out. Even better – they YMCA also has free wi-fi so I could spend time getting some work done.  Our YMCA has couches and TVs, books to read, and more so you could just spend some time relaxing.

You could bring your kids to the YMCA childcare for 3 hours every day as part of your membership. Our family membership is about $100 per month. Even if you only went to the YMCA 3 times a week, 12 times a month, the cost is about $2.75 per hour for someone to watch your kids while you have some “mom” time. (Thats just 1 kid – it’s really an insane deal!)

Discounted Fees on Sports Registrations

When you are a member of the YMCA you will see that they offer so many sports for kids. They are supposed to be a place for kids to learn how to play the sports without being overly competitive. They have baseball, basketball, soccer, and more. We have even taken swimming lessons at the Y at a discount. It’s a pretty good discount and if you have a few kids in sports it will save you a lot of money.

Speaking of Swimming….

I grew up in Florida. We always had a pool and we spent so much of our childhood in the pool. It was just what you did all day long. But if you live in a state that isn’t warm enough to swim most of the year or if you dont have a pool at home you can use the pool at the YMCA as part of your membership. We have a location that has a lap pool and just a little further from our house we have a YMCA with an indoor pool that has a slide and a spray park with a seperate lap pool. It’s a great way for my kids to swim year round.

In Louisville we have a waterpark that is a $200 flat fee that is open during the summer months. It is an outdoor park with a slide and lots of things for kids to do. The best part is – we only have to pay that $200 once as long as we are members of the YMCA we can visit the waterpark when it’s open.

It’s a great way to teach about a healthy lifestyle at a young age:

Once your child is 10 years old they can learn how to use some of the exercise equipment at the gym. At a younger age they also have the ability to do different things at the YMCA. For example, I can drop off my son in the childcare area while I am in a class or working out and he can sign himself out and go to the gym and play basketball. It gives him a little freedom in a safe place  and encourages him to be active.

They also have summer camps for your kids to attend, after school programs, parents night out and many more activities for families. It’s a great place for your kids to hang out.

If you dont think you can afford a membership to the YMCA, you can check out their scholarship program. Just Google “ymca financial assistance form + your city for more information”.

There is a seperate link for the YMCA for locations all over the country – so just do a quick online search and you will find the closest YMCA near you.

Moms need a break! The YMCA is a great place to spend time if you have small children. There are so many perks to their membership!

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Sarah L

Tuesday 22nd of May 2018

I didn't realize they had child care too. Great benefit.

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