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55+ Easy Christmas Treats Recipes

I’m always looking for easy Christmas treats! This time of year is really busy so I need easy recipes that I can throw together for a holiday party. We all have a favorite recipe but it’s nice to have some additional recipes to try around the holidays.


This is the most wonderful time of the year. I love to get together with my kids, my mom and my sisters to make lots of Christmas sweets. We get the whole family together and make lots of Christmas desserts.


It’s a family tradition that I can remember doing when I was a little kid. I think it’s the reason I love to bake.


Check out this list of 40+ Christmas Cookie recipes that only require a few ingredients! Or you can make these Gingerbread cupcakes with eggnog frosting!

Are you looking for easy Christmas cookies with just a few ingredients? This list has everything you need!


We usually make so much stuff that we bring a plate of treats to family members – and we have a big family! We also save some of the amazing Christmas treats to eat on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. The best part is that when you bake all these treats you get to sample all of them!


Here is a long list of Christmas dessert recipes for you to try this holiday season! There’s lots of good stuff for the chocolate lovers and more. You will find recipes with basic ingredients and fancy recipes.

I put together these easy Christmas Treats Recipes so you can have one place to visit and find so many delicious recipes! You will find Christmas cookies, fudge, cakes, candy and so much more!!


55+ Easy Christmas Treats Recipes


I put together these easy Christmas Treats Recipes so you can have one place to visit and find so many delicious recipes!  

Easy Chocolate Sugar Cookies Recipe – I love Christmas sugar cookies! This is a great recipe when you would rather have chocolate sugar cookies instead of vanilla sugar cookies! It’s a great sugar cookie base to make all your favorite shapes.


Brownie Mix Cookies – Just 5 Ingredients! These are so simple. You make them with a brownie mix! It’s a great recipe to make with kids.


Brownie Buckeye Cookies – If you love homemade peanut butter balls but want it like a cookie – this is a recipe you have to try! This recipe is a family favorite!


Easy Monster Cookies – Chocolate, Peanut Butter & Oatmeal In A Delicious Cookie! This cookie has everything and it’s full of flavor. It’s perfect to leave for Santa! It’s like peanut butter cookies + chocolate chip cookies + M&M Cookies.


Candy Cane Sandwich Cookie – If you love peppermint – this is a cookie that needs to be on your holiday baking list. These are like red velvet cookies with lots of peppermint flavors!


Peanut butter kiss cookies – (AKA peanut butter blossoms) Everyone makes these cookies! They are so good – we need to make them all year round! 


Chocolate Sprinkle Kiss Cookies – This is another kid-friendly recipe – everyone loves sprinkles! 


Ooey Gooey Christmas Cake Cookies – This cookie starts with a cake mix. You can whip these delicious cookies together for any Christmas party. 


Double Chocolate Peppermint Cookies – Cookie Gift In A Jar – There are so many cookies around Christmas time. That’s why I like to give this mix as a gift so people can enjoy them after the holidays. 

And sometimes you just need a chewy chocolate chip cookie! This is my favorite recipe and uses pudding in the mix! 




The classic combination of chocolate and peppermint makes these Dark Chocolate Candy Cane Cookies the perfect treat for the holidays!


This Gingerbread Cake is perfect for the holidays! A moist and delicious ginger cake with a tangy cream cheese frosting. Christmas cakes are so good!


It’s not Christmas without Gingerbread Cookies! This is a tried and true recipe that’s packed with spicy, warm flavors and decorated with a simple vanilla icing. They’re perfect for the Christmas cookie box or tray! 


If you love chocolate and peppermint, these Easy Peppermint Brownies are just for you! They’re perfectly fudgy, bursting with refreshing peppermint flavor, and they come together in just one pot! 


These Double Chocolate Truffles are easy, chocolaty and so yummy! The perfect little bite. 


Moravian Molasses Cookies are a delicious Czech cookie perfect for holidays and gift-giving! 


These adorable Santa hat Rice Krispies are the perfect Christmas treat! Easy to make and your kids are going to love them!


This savory Holiday Chex mix is the best Chex Mix recipe and perfect for Christmas with festive red tortilla chips, green pistachio and dill sprinkles added to the mix. It also makes a great edible gift, although it’s perfect for any time of the year 


Featured in Taste of Home’s “Ultimate Cookie Swap”, this soft gingerbread cookie is a delicious combination of gingerbread, Nutella, and lime (and no molasses) all rolled up in a festive Yule Log cookie! They are perfect as an edible Christmas gift and ideal for a Christmas cookie exchange!




I put together these easy Christmas Treats Recipes so you can have one place to visit and find so many delicious recipes!



Warm right up with this decadent hot cocoa brownie skillet consisting of chocolate lava sandwiched between two layers of fudgy brownies topped with toasted marshmallows.


Add these eggnog white chocolate-covered pretzels to your holiday treat platter!!! They are simple to prepare with just three ingredients in 30-minutes. Naturally vegetarian. 


Easy Christmas Bark; An oh-so-pretty and easy-to-make dessert with sweet and salty flavors in Christmas colors; ready in a little over an hour! 


Toffee is a Christmas classic candy. This old-fashioned recipe turns pantry staples into a wonderful sweet treat perfect for the holiday and to give as gifts. 


Old-fashioned German pfeffernusse cookies are an old-world treat that will add charm and warmth to any modern-day Christmas! 


It isn’t Christmas around my house until we make the peanut butter balls. This simple old-fashioned recipe is the perfect bite of chocolate with a sweet creamy peanut butter center. 


These melt in your mouth kourabiedes (Kourabies (pl. kourabiedes, pronounced kou-rah-be-EH-thez), are the Greek shortbread cookies made during Christmas.


These are the best coconut sugar cookies with sprinkles you’ll ever have! Our cut-out cookie recipe requires no chill time and are decorated for Christmas. You can dive into them in 40 minutes. 


This buttery melt-in-your-mouth delicious old-fashioned Brown Sugar Fudge has the warm flavor of caramel and reminds me of a fabulous New Orleans praline.


I put together these easy Christmas Treats Recipes so you can have one place to visit and find so many delicious recipes!


Ginger Molasses Cookies are soft and chewy with warming flavors and a crispy, sugary topping. They’re also gluten-free and dairy-free, and require no chilling time. 


Iced gingerbread men are soft, delicious and simple to make. These cute gingerbread cookies are always a hit and a fun Christmas tradition! 


If you are looking for a simple Christmas cookie that is sure to disappear quickly then these oatmeal nut rolled raspberry thumbprints are for you! 


Easy Peppermint Brownies topped with chocolate and crushed candy canes are perfect for the holidays. 


Peppermint wreath cookies are an edible festive decoration that are made with peppermint sugar cookies, peppermint frosting and pomegranate seeds. 


Angel Slices are rather plain looking, the taste and texture is anything but: a crumbly shortbread layer topped with a gooey pecan and coconut layer and finished off with a crackling, thin layer of sharp lemon glaze. The perfect little bite!


Crockpot Christmas Crack – This holiday treat is so easy to make because the slow cooker does most of the work. 


Mini Gingerbread Cheesecake Bites are mini cheesecakes with a delicious gingerbread cookie crust. These gingerbread cheesecakes provide a taste of Christmas in every bite. 


These Christmas Oreo Treats are so easy to make and are full of white chocolate and marshmallow flavor!



I put together these easy Christmas Treats Recipes so you can have one place to visit and find so many delicious recipes!


Christmas Shortbread Thumbprint Cookies, with Buttercream Icing, are colorful, sweet, buttery shortbread thumbprint cookies, covered in red and green sprinkles and topped with either red, green, or white buttercream frosting!


These 4 ingredient Reindeer Pretzels are a fun holiday dessert that you can make with the kids! Make an extra batch as they make a great edible holiday gift everyone will love. They are the cutest Christmas treats. They are so easy because they are made with pretzel m&m! 


Scottish Snowballs (Raspberry Jam Sandwich Cookies Dipped in Coconut) are a traditional Scottish treat, snowballs are as delicious as they are festive! 


Easy-to-make, 4-Ingredient, Sugar cookie Christmas fudge is a combo of two of the best Christmas treats: sugar cookies and fudge!


Vegan Christmas Cookies studded with pistachios, cranberries and can be made into festive raspberry Linzer cookies! Easy to make with common pantry staples.


Traditional Australian White Christmas Recipe is a classic white Christmas recipe that is simple to create. Crunchy, sweet, packed with dried fruit, rice bubbles (Rice Krispies), and desiccated coconut. All held together with a copious amount of Copha. 


Delicious white chocolate mint truffles that you would think you have picked up from the local chocolate shop. Super easy to make, and perfect for gifting. 


Easy White Chocolate Peppermint Fudge is the fudge that Christmas cookie trays need to have. It’s the best of the holiday season in one little square of white chocolate bliss, topped in striped candy cane peppermint pieces. 


This tried and true, old-fashioned chocolate fudge recipe will never let you down. Never Fail Fudge turns out perfectly rich, smooth, and creamy each and every time you make it. Made with chocolate chips, marshmallow fluff, and heavy cream, it is never grainy, and always delicious. 



I put together these easy Christmas Treats Recipes so you can have one place to visit and find so many delicious recipes!


A rich chocolate layer is topped with candy cane studded white chocolate making Candy Cane Fudge an easy-to-make dessert and the perfect Christmas fudge gift to give! 


These Christmas Tree Cupcakes are a great Christmas party idea that will have your guests asking for the recipe!


This peppermint cheesecake gets topped with crushed candy canes, real whipped cream and Ghirardelli chocolate to create a showstopping dessert.


This White Chocolate Christmas Trash is a Snack Mix recipe with pretzels, cereal, candy all tossed together with chocolate. It’s quick, easy and an addicting treat. 


Pistachio Cranberry Orange Biscotti – buttery, crispy, and filled with flavors, these biscotti’s are perfect with coffee/tea, make for a great anytime snack, and are the perfect holiday gift. 


A perfect Christmas dessert! This easy eggnog bread pudding is just bread, eggnog, eggs, sugar, vanilla, cinnamon, and nutmeg for a delicious holiday taste. 


Homemade hot chocolate mix is not just a winter staple, but a perfect last-minute-simple-homemade-holiday-gift. It’s made with very few ingredients, this rich and tasty treat is perfect to hold on and sip during frosty cold weather. 


The Krumkake is a delicious Norwegian cookie made with a specialty iron and is a great Scandinavian recipe tradition. Often times it has a cardamom flavor and its cone shape is perfect for a whipped cream filling. 


This traditional Scandinavian Rosette Cookie recipe is a great way to celebrate Norwegian or Swedish heritage, but more importantly, these crispy cookies are delicious. 


Keto Chocolate Peppermint Bark: Four simple ingredients come together quickly to create a beautiful crowd-pleasing treat you will be proud of! Bark is one of the easiest things to make!


This Reindeer Chow is a fun and festive Christmas Puppy Chow recipe that’s easy to make with only 7 ingredients! It’s a cute gift for friends, neighbors and coworkers!


The Christmas season is my favorite time of year. I love to spend a lot of time with my family baking delicious treats! 

What are your favorite Christmas treats?


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