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My Favorite Recipes From My Pantry

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When I go grocery shopping, I usually stock up on things when they are on sale. Then I shop from my pantry to make meal planning a lot more affordable! Click here to get my free meal planning printable list

For example, we had 3-pound packages of ground beef on sale for $4 a few weeks ago. I bought 8 packages and put them in 1.5-pound freezer packs in my deep freezer. 

When Perdue boneless, skinless chicken goes on sale for $1.99 per pound, I usually grab about 25 pounds and store it in my freezer. 

In the past, I have also bought 1/4 cow and 40 pounds of chicken from farms. 

Jars of sauce usually go on sale for .99 cents a jar. 

Bakery bread is always going on sale so I also grab things like a 12-pack of mini bagels for .59 or my Kroger has Cheesecake Factory bread that has been on sale for $2.19 per package. 

I bought a deep freezer a few years ago at Best Buy for $100 – and it’s been a great investment for our family. 


I don’t do it to hoard food but to have a nice stockpile of things we are always using so I don’t have to pay full price. (Everything listed above was about 50% cheaper than if I bought it when it wasn’t on sale.)

We also lived in Mexico City for 12 years. We had access to a lot of foods but there were many things that were very expensive so we just learned how to make things from scratch. 

So below is a list of some of my favorite things to make “from scratch” or that are semi-homemade. Many of these things you hopefully have in your home already. (My pictures are horrible – so please know they are still yummy and I should re-do my pictures 🙂 )

My Favorite Recipes From My Pantry

Homemade Pancakes – these taste a lot like McDonald’s and they are the most popular recipe on my blog. They get so fluffy!

Granola Bars – Here is a recipe for Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Granola Bars Recipe or you can make No-Bake M&M Granola Bars.



Energy Bites – This only has 6 ingredients. My kids love to snack on these!

Wacky Cake – This is a Chocolate Cake that is egg-free and dairy-free (The cake is dairy-free – but I added an icing that does have butter in it – but it’s optional.) 



Magic cream cheese-filled bagels – You do not need yeast to make these. My kids love them! And they are much easier to make than bagels!

DIY Chili Seasoning – you may just want to make your own all the time!



DIY Taco Seasoning – I love this recipe because I know exactly what is in my seasoning mix. 


Bacon Egg and Cheese Chaffles

Chicken & Dumplings


Caramel popcorn – made in your oven without a thermometer! 



Easy Homemade Granola – Just 5 Ingredients



Easy Baked Ziti – I used provolone for this recipe. But you can use more mozzarella if you have that instead. 



Sugar-free Tomato Sauce




All the bread recipes:


What are some of your favorite recipes to whip up with ingredients you have in your home? 


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Monday 16th of March 2020

I will be trying those pancakes!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.